Friday, July 15, 2011

360℃ and tender air

次回号はLa Musicaだと話すと、知り合いのグラフィックデザイナーさんから頂いたバッハの無伴奏チェロ組曲のエピソードを聞かせて頂きました。

窓から入る光線がきれいだったので...the beautiful light enters through the window
this is a CD cover made by a graphic designer friend of the designer. isn't it nice!? and the antique flower vase. this is made of's hard but warm material i think...

Today I visited a designer's show room.
I really love talking with her every half a year.
Her show room is in an old beautiful buildings. and there are some new and old things which the designer collected.
those things are all so match her showroom.
the first impression when I came into the room was "those color of clothes are all very beautiful!"
it doesn't mean the clothings are colorful. I mean the gradient and reflection of the color are so beautiful.
and the material she use for her pieces, are great.
it seems like she thinks how they look when they come out in an air.
I always enjoy talking with her and she gives me so much inspires.
I was actually thinking the theme " music " for the next issue is too difficult to photograph but she told me about a story of the Bach 6 cello suites and her.
It reminded me that the music is always needed every scene in our moment!
I am so glad I decided that theme for next one!

have a lovely weekend x

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