Monday, February 7, 2011


次回号のTransparentのテーマはla musicaにしようと思ってます。

最近はアメリカのテレビ、ダンスオーディション番組"So you think you can dance"が面白いです。
日本ではこの間シーズン6の放送が終わったばかりですが、振り付け師Sonya Tayehの作品で、コンテスタントが踊った音楽Lykke LiのTime Fliesがとっても素敵でした。
Bon Iverもなんだか良いバンドですよね...

the theme of next issue will be "La musica".
I was often inspired from the musics, Arts and Films.
Recently I enjoy watching TV show called "So you think you can dance".
Here in Japan, Just finished seasone 6.
Dancing is great! I wish I could dance like them...
the choreographers make a story in the dance routine by using dancer's body and expression.
When I take photographs I always try that.
because it makes photos more interesting.
Some contestant had danced a work of Choreographer Sonia Tayeh.
The music by Lykke Li "Time Flies" was beautiful.
So I checked out her other music.
this song which she sang with Bon Iver is quite cute.

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