Monday, August 22, 2011

test shooting 1.2

The beginning of this month, we did test shooting.

スーパーアシスタントのmioちゃん。 my supper assistant mio! she has very clever hands!!!

コンタクトレンズに奮闘中のモデルの劉ちゃんとヘアメイクのあかねさん。 a model girl was trying to wear contact lenses and hair make-up artist akane was helping her...Ouch!

ヘアスタイリストさんを次回号に巻き込む事に成功 :)

We had a really good time. and we Transparent magazine will work with new hair stylist for next issue! gonna be funnn!!!

here are the photos we did!

photo:Ayami Terauchi hair/male-up:Akane Niwa styling:Mio Terada model:Liu Shobi

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