Friday, August 19, 2011

And things from TOKYO.

TOKYO ART BOOK FAIRで手に入れた山崎美帆さんのZine.
原美術館で見つけた、フリーダ カーロの人形。

here are the things from TOKYO.

A zine by Miho Yamazaki which I bought at THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR.
I was in love with her drawing at first sight.
so cute.
The other cute one. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's magnet dall.
I found that at Hara art museum. she is one of my favorite artist.
I think she was very charming and beautiful lady, even though she had uni-brow...
but is one is so ugly! but I couldn't look away from cute!
and a very gold card case from matofu.
nice and gold isn't it!?
I was so lucky to meet Mr.Horihata the designer of matohu at his new shop then.

okay now I must write some letters!

have a lovely weekend everyone! xx

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