Friday, March 4, 2011


学生の頃はイギリスの雑誌『The FACE』や『i-D』に夢中になり、私もDazed and Confusedのランキンの様に雑誌を作りたいと思う様になり、フランスのNumeroやItalianVOGUEの世界に憧れました!
Since I really love the magazines, I started making a magazine myself.
and of course I love looking at fashion photographs too.
I used to love looking at my mum's Marie claire when I was a little girl.
then I was so into the British magazines when I was a student. such as "THE FACE" and" i-D".
I wished that I would be able to make a magazine like the one called "Dazed and Confused" that Rankin did.
afterwards I have look more magazines... one of the well known magazines "Numero" and Italian Vogue etc.
a french fashion Magazine"Crash" and Mexican one "baby! baby! baby" are also very interesting magazine too.
couple days before, I bought one of my favorite magazines "Lula".
Wow! You can look the photos of Sharlotte Gainsbourg which were photographed by Nan Golden.
all stylings of the outfits are so cute too!

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